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19.05.2018, 09:18 AM
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Cheap Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey
MUNICH , Germany, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- German car producer Audi AG continues its sales growth in October, delivering worldwide 146,200 cars, a year-on-year increase of 10.8 percent , Audi announced Friday.

In China, there is a growth of 17.0 percent, while sales rise by 16.5 percent in the United States and by 22.1 percent in the United Kingdom, the Ingolstadt-based company said.

In addition, Audi's total sales since January have risen by 10.1 percent to about 1.44 million units compared to the same period last year.

"This good start to the final quarter keeps Audi on track for a successful 2014 ," said Luca de Meo, member of the board of management for sales, adding "Audi achieves growth in all regions worldwide and we are selling more cars than ever before in Europe as well."

Audi registered a new record high sales in Europe with around 655,100 deliveries from January through October. In October alone, Audi handed over some 65 ,100 cars to their new owners in Europe, up by 5.4 percent year on year, according to the statistics released by Audi.


CAIRO, May 28 (Xinhua) -- The Egyptian armed forces in cooperation with the police killed 36 militants and defused 38 explosive devices in their last two-day security campaign in the Arish, Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid cities of North Sinai province, the military spokesman said in a statement Saturday.

""The operations over the past two days ruined 25 houses and 57 huts of the terrorist elements, destroyed a large warehouse of explosives, seized 10 vehicles and five motorbikes used by the extremists in their attacks on security checkpoints,"" Military Spokesman Mohamed Samir said in the statement.

The raids come a couple of days after a similar four-day campaign killed last week 85 militants in North Siani's restive cities of Rafah and Sheikh Zuweid.

Egypt has been battling a growing wave of anti-government terrorism since the military removed former Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in July 2013 and later blacklisted his Muslim Brotherhood group.

A Sinai-based militant group loyal to the Islamic State (IS) regional terror group claimed responsibility for most of the terrorist operations that killed hundreds of police and military men over the past few years.

The Egyptian military has been launching a continuous massive security campaign in the peninsula that left about 1,000 militants killed and a similar number of suspects arrested.

The security raids in Sinai are part of the country's ""war against terrorism"" declared by ex-military chief and now President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi following Morsi's ouster.


China is in negotiations regarding high-speed rail construction and cooperation with 28 countries, Beijing News reports on Monday.

In the worldwide negotiations, talks with Russia , Thailand, Malaysia and Turkey are going on more rapidly. Britain and the United States have also showed interest in cooperating with China, according to Yu Weiping, vice president of China Northern Locomotive & Rolling Stock Industry Corporation. (CNR).

CNR's important offshore projects include the China-Thailand and China-Russia High Speed Rail programs, and an possible agreement with Russia is expected to be reached in 2015 , Yu said.

China is completely competent when it comes to three core technologies, namely hauling system, braking system and network control system, but it hasn't received substantial export orders so far, Yu added.

High speed rail projects need vast investment and have long timeframes , with each project taking at least three to five years, but achievements will come, according to Yu.

The merger of China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Corporation Limited (commonly known as CSR) and CNR will create a multinational high-end enterprise, which will promote the "going-out" strategy and enable China to play a greater role in the global high-speed rail market, Yu said.

Here are five scenarios:
Many coaches believe you shouldn’t bunt on two strikes. This can be a tough call to make during a game. We have all seen where a third basement plays in ready for the batter to turn and bunt. But when the strike count gets to two , most coaches will have their infield move back into their regular positions. This is where that unconventional approach may give an advantage to a team. When the infield moves back let your batter, depending on their bunting ability, have another chance at it. With the opposing team expecting the batter to swing away this gives an opportunity to sneak a runner on base. Many people may disagree with this choice but I have seen it done time and time again and work most of the time.
How many times have we heard, “Use two hands to catch the ball.” I think most everyone will agree to this one. But what about players who have to run after a ball or reach for one. Player need to be able to catch the ball with both one and two hands. Players shouldn’t be taught that the only way to catch a ball is with two hands. There are many occasions where players will have to reach, or even dive for a ball. When this happens it will be easier to catch one handed. Now if a ball is coming straight to them , then yes it would be best to use two hands. Coaches should have players practice catching in various situations so they can train with both one hand and two handed catches.
Don’t get caught making outs on third base. Moving runners to scoring position is how runs are made in baseball. Being aggressive is sometimes the only way to make defenses play harder by forcing them to field cleanly and make good throws. Sometimes being conservative is how runners are left on base. Aggressive base running in my experience has won more games than lost. Try taking more chances and force your opponents to make more plays. Especially in youth ba.
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