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SUVA , April 18 (Xinhua) -- The Fiji Sugar Corporation has vowed to make sugar as iconic as Fiji's water brand by marketing the product to the East Asian market soon.

Graham Clark, Sugar Corporations chief executive, said that with reforms in progress, opening up new export channels and a revamped marketing strategy was being looked at for the ailing sugar industry.

Clark said they were working on a new marketing strategy which would be launched soon to boost the sugar industry, reports by state owned Fiji Broadcasting Corporation said Tuesday.

Clark was appointed chief executive in February , and several major projects have been put on hold while a major review of the organisation was continuing under his leadership.

Fiji's sugar industry has been declining in recent years, despite the fact that global supply of sugar does not meet rising demand, putting upward pressure on prices.

What ever the sport, what ever the season, whatever your preferred , must-see team, satellite Television could be the finest technique to get the maximum level of top quality sports viewing. Take pleasure in a huge number of video games each day from the week, greater than supplied by any other provider. Bask within the high definition image, even around the largest display, in which it is possible to see just about every drop of mud , blood, sweat, and tears. Get the most beneficial sound good quality in your surround sound speakers so that you may be completely enveloped by the game. Comply with the highlights of your favourite teams and favorite players, all from the comfort of you couch. There exists no far better way.

Most sports fans appreciate to watch games reside, and would fairly be inside the stands than anyplace else. So in case you can not make it for the game and you are watching from household , you a minimum of need to reap some advantages by watching on Tv. This implies gaining the very best highlights and replays, from a number of fascinating angles. It also implies that you desire incredible picture excellent. One from the prime positive aspects of watching a game on Tv in place of in person is that that you are right inside the mix with each and every play. Large definition brings you onto the field for astounding views, capturing the subtle ability and movements of every single single player concerned. Extra and more video games are becoming broadcast in this jaw-dropping HD format, and nowhere are there far more possibilities than with satellite.

For football fans, the superiority of satellite is really a no-brainer , considering it is actually the only place you could get the NFL Sunday Ticket. The NFL Sunday Ticket brings you as much as 14 matches each weekend, so you’ll be able to generally watch as your favorite out-of-market group faces up against competitors all over the nation. You’ll be able to select your favored players to comply with, trying to keep up-to-date with their stats and fantastic plays. With cable Television you don’t get greater than 4 games a weekend, which means you don’t get to decide on which match you devote your valuable Sunday afternoon to, but need to accept what ever is on. The alternative should be yours , so decide on the only provider that brings you 200 games a season.

It isn’t just about football; there are actually tons of sports that get top rated top quality coverage with satellite. Should you prefer futbol to football, you soccer fans have loads of alternatives. Spanish channels have commentators giving the play-by-play in Spanish, even though all round coverage follows essentially the most important games, teams, and tournaments across the world. Basketball fans gearing up for March Madness surely understand that satellite Television is the technique to tune to the action. Even though you like some thing much more obscure , like cricket, the CricketTicket gives a similar service since the NFL Sunday Ticket, bringing you the ideal of to begin with class cricket from throughout the globe.

No sports fan is left out with regards to satellite. With the most possibilities and the highest high quality coverage, it is possible to be as significantly of a super fan as you like, tuning in to exactly what and who you need to watch. Help your favourite teams the way they deserve , only with satellite become a fan than to subscribe to satellite Television.

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Typhoid fever is commonly known as typhoid which is found and occurs from indigestion of food and water contaminated with feces to infected person. This disease affects all age types. This fever is spread by the bacteria Salmonella Typhi. Typhoid usually those people who are infected with excrete live bacteria in their feces and urine. The bacteria are deposited in water or food by a human carrier and are then spread to other people in the area.

Why typhoid happens and what types of causes behind this fever:
? Eating food or drinking beverages that have been carrying the bacteria.
? Inadequate sewerage system and poor sanitation.
? If any person can eat unhealthy and unhygienic food and water so they affected with typhoid.

Symptoms of Typhoid disorder are as follows:
? Most to the people have red spots on their stomach and chest which is caused by typhoid.
? Some patients have abdominal tenderness and Bloody stools
? Fluctuating mood
? Nosebleeds
? The abdomen may become swollen and pain or comparatively slow pulse rate of the patients.

What types of treatment physicians recommended to typhoid patient such as:
The physician should prescribe appropriate antibiotics to typhoid patients.
Some doctors al.
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