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Home > Stay at Home DadsHow to Have a Mould-free Home in Bournemouth
Posted by Stephanie in Home on August 21st , 2018

Mould - everybody has it in their home but not everybody knows how to properly deal with it. But what exactly is mould and why is it consider being dangerous for the human health? Mould is the general name describing different species of fungi that grow in the form of multicellular groups called hyphae. Many species are classified as toxic and potentially deadly. All fungi love a humid and warm environment which means that Bournemouth has the perfect conditions for their development and growth. The battle with the house mould is hard and long but there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you are persistent enough you can clean and protect your house. Here are a few tips that will help you cleanse your home.

How to properly clean your home
There are a right way and a wrong way of cleaning when it comes to mould, and here is why:

Always wear gloves when you are cleaning your home especially the toilet and kitchen areas. Mould and mildew thrive in these places and you need to be careful and never touch them with bare hands. Many fungi can cause skin irritation and allergies.

Consider wearing a mask when you clean places that have a bad ventilation like attics and basements. The fungi spores can cause lung infections, asthma and allergies you must avoid inhaling them at all cost.

During your weekly cleaning make sure to have a good room ventilation and a steady stream of fresh air throughout the house.

If you are going to use specialized mould cleaners be extremely cautious and always follow the instructions on the bottles.

Do not use water to clean your walls or ceiling or else you can unintentionally make the perfect environment for the growth of a mould colony.

Always stay on the lookout for black spots on the tiles or in the corners of your toilet.

The best way of cleaning mould is by using ammonia or chlorine-based solutions. Do not mix these two chemicals together. You will create a deadly chemical reaction. Always use the one or the other , never both.

If it is possible after the wash, leave the surfaces to dry on their own preferable under direct sunlight.

How important is your home’s location
To answer shortly - very important. If you live in a desert region the possibility of having mould in your house is close to zero. On the other hand, Bournemouth is located in one of the rainiest countries in Europe. On top of that , it is a coastal city which means the climate is warm and humid. You will need to put a lot of cleaning efforts if you want to keep your house mould-free.

If you spot signs of mould, a good tip is to ask a local specialist to identify the type of mould and give you a recommendation on how to best get rid of it.

Where to look for mould?
Mould has many different shapes, forms and sizes but gladly you can almost spot it by the colour. Most fungi cause a drastic discolouration of the surface they infest so look for dark grey , black, yellow or pink spots. The most common places to have mildew and mould are:

Under the kitchen counter or around the kitchen sink;

In the cupboards above and under the kitchen sink.

In the microwave, believe it or not.

In the dark corners of every room. If there is not enough sunlight there is a risk of having mould;

Under carpets and rugs

On your upholstery and under the couch pillows;

Every spot in your toilet is great to host a mould colony , that is why you need to clean your toilet on a weekly basis

If you had problems with pipe leakage or recent floods your whole house is in danger. So if this happens to call a cleaning company just to be safe.

GAZA, May 6 (Xinhua) -- The Fatah movement led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday that it welcomed the election of Ismail Haniyeh as the new chief of Hamas politburo.

"Fatah welcomes electing Haniyeh as the new chief of Hamas," Fatah Party said in an e-mailed press statement.

"Fatah hopes that electing Haniyeh would boost the chances of achieving reconciliation and ending the internal division ," it added.

Fatah hopes that Haniyeh's major focus would be placed on the Palestinian internal situation "in order to achieve unity and end internal division," the statement noted.

Earlier on Saturday, Ismail Haniyeh was named as the new chief of Islamic Hamas movement after he won the recent internal elections.

Haniyeh , 54, was born in Gaza's Shatti refugee camp in 1963.

Abdulatif al-Qanou, Hamas spokesman in Gaza , said in an e-mailed press statement that Haniyeh replaced Kahled Meshal, the Hamas leader that has been the chief of the movement for eight years.

Hamza Abu Shanab, a pro-Hamas political analyst from Gaza , told Xinhua that electing Haniyeh as the new chief of Hamas "is positive for the movement and for the Palestinian people."

"Electing Haniyeh as the new chief of Hamas means an improvement in Hamas relationship in the region, mainly improving its ties with Iran, and this would lead most probably to improving Hamas ties with Egypt ," said Abu Shanab.

European aircraft go home on Chinese train

Jiaolong discovers collection of polymetallic nodules in South China Sea

Dance drama "Crested Ibises" staged in Nanning, south China's Guangxi

"Open Day - Experience China" event held in New York

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