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Exam C_HANAIMP_11: SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016)
The exam C_HANAIMP_11 , titled as SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016), is organized and conducted by SAP HANA. It is a 180 minute exam, during which the candidates need to attempt a total of 80 questions. The exam is administered in English, Japanese, simple Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. In order to secure the SAP Associate Certification, the candidates need to score 57% or above. Even though the format of the questions is not fixed , the topic areas on which the questions will be based are as follows:
SAP HANA Infrastructure and Modeling Functions:
The candidates need to be able to connect tables, create dimensions and hierarchies, filter data, implement currency conversion, use SQL script and procedures, and virtualize and optimize models. They also need to be capable of implementing key concepts of SAP HANA, introduce data into SAP HANA, consume information models , and run applications. Being able to do can earn the candidates up to 24% of the total exam marks. C_HANAIMP_11
Virtual Data Models, and Spatial Modeling:
In order to secure 24% of the aggregate marks, the candidates need to possess extensive knowledge of drafting HANA live solutions, developing information models, implementing system and object security, using SQL debug tools, and applying best practices.
Managing and Optimizing Models:
This section will constitute roundabout 16-24% of the exam paper, and will necessitate for the test takers to have an in-depth understanding of the tools and best practices to achieve model optimization , and execution of SQLScript modeling to manage the created models.
Information Views and SQL (Structure Query Language) Scripts:
This portion will hold 16-24% of the total marks. For this section, possessing prowess in applying SQL and SQLScript in modelling, in comprehending the three types of information views, demonstrating competency, and ensuring system security by restricting data access, is necessary.
Consumption, Security Assurance, and Data Provision in SAP HANA Modeling:
Test takers must demonstrate a good grasp on consumption models for analytics , in-memory computing, use of SAP HANA native modeling tools, security assurance of information in the created models, and introducing data into SAP HANA models from different sources, for this section of the exam. Being able to do so will lead the candidates to attain up to 24% of the aggregate marks.
How to Get Ready for the Exam?
To prepare effectively for the exam, SAP HANA recommends that the candidates combine their on-the-job practical experience with the knowledge that they can amass from SAP HANA’s educational courses. Candidates can subscribe to SAP Learning Hub (LH) to gain access to the learning resources. Apart from these, the test takers ca also buy brain dump and past paper compilations to further their preparation.


Also called Mass Com, the Mass Communication is mainly considered the voice of today’s youngsters. Mass media ensures numerous communication mediums which enable folks to successfully make their opinions heard around the world. It ought to be identified that all those people who wish to use various media tools should complete specific studies , for example unique courses that correspond to various branches. These courses aid students to succeed in any media sectors they prefer. Today, the mass communication courses offer students the possibility of learning every little thing about this domain, transforming them into some excellent professionals. Even as fresh graduates, they’ve the correct expertise inside the media field, as during courses they’re able to gather enough expertise to exceed in a particular media branch.

The candidates who total their studies have high chances of developing a great career in this field. Nonetheless, all these candidates must conduct some researches to be able to find out the future prospects that are provided by certain media streams. The fresh graduates can get many job provides, some of them offering attractive positions in foreign countries too. In the event you intend to complete Mass Communication studies, it really is a great idea to check with popular magazines , Television channels, newspapers and radio stations that supply you the chance to practice the theory and accumulate some experience inside a specific branch.

If you’re thinking about these courses, you need to know that several universities and colleges offer a series of programs. These programs include numerous training grounds for the future media experts who intend to break into sectors for example newspaper journalism, advertising, film studies, media production, Tv scriptwriting, print and publishing , print journalism, radio journalism, broadcast journalism and several others. Should you obtain a degree in any of these fields and are also able to prove some expertise inside that certain stream, you’ll be able to effortlessly complete a master degree in Mass Communication.

In fact, if you are able to present recommendations from numerous publications, Tv channels or radio stations on the encounter you have accumulated whilst completing these programs, you can get significantly better job placement prospects. As a job, media allow professionals to present ideas in such methods that they easily get across distinct plans , influencing the lives of hundreds of individuals. It isn’t only about expressing different issues but also about how you present numerous ideas, which are meant to alter something, whether or not we talk about visions or facts. This way, the role of such a professional would be to uncover the truth, highlight the issues of our society, get details .
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