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Alternative sources of energy are very much a topical issue these days , given how costly fuel has become. One such alternative source of energy is wind power, the potential of which when harnessed in massive amounts, as on wind farms, is being looked into. The provision of energy from wind is a clean process, and obviously wind is a renewable energy source. Wind is brought about by differences in the temperature on the ground, which comes from the heat of the sun, so in fact wind power could be said to come from solar power. The wind is thus channeled to generate electrical energy.

Many countries are nowadays using wind farms as a means to fully use what power can be produced by the wind. Similar to the propellers on an airplane, the blades of wind turbines, erected in large numbers in one area, are used to capture the power of the wind. These farms are able to create electricity in large amounts, when the wind turbines work together. A familiarity of the principles involved in wind farms will exhibit their likely effectiveness. The blades are situated on a shaft, and if the wind blows, it turns the blades and in essence the shaft. The turning of the shaft cranks up a generator from which action electrical energy then results. Hydropower is just the same, except for making use of water instead of wind as the source of energy.

One turbine by itself will not produce energy for more than a household or farm, so it takes more than one to create energy for a big area. When the ability of a turbine is increased by having groups of them, like you see on a wind farm, the compounded amount of electric power that can be made is very big. The electricity generated is sufficient for running an entire residential area when you store it on an existing utility grid or in special large-scale battery cells. The technology behind wind turbines has grown significantly, so that now they are effective irrespective of which way they face compared to the wind – even swirling winds can be utilized.

The efficiency is increased too when the turbines are taller, or if they have bigger blades. Computing the efficiency of wind turbines is made tough by the complexity of factors involved. There is no constant, when it involves wind farms, since they deviate so much in terrain, size of turbines, and the amount of wind. Generally speaking, the amount one turbine will convert the energy in wind to electric power is approximately 20 percent. Wind turbines are at their most efficient in wind speeds of from 5 to 20 miles an hour.

Though it is not as constant as solar, wind power is more efficient, being rated as 20% efficient versus solar at roughly 14%. Wind power compares well with other kinds of renewable energy , and the technology is constantly advancing. It is becoming an important alternative source of energy, but it might take a while for the entire world to jump on board. One nation investing a great deal is Germany.

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