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LONDON , May 28 (Xinhua) -- Oxford University Press (UOP), one of the world's leading "guardians" of the English language, Thursday revealed the children's word of the year. It isn't even a word, but the hashtag symbol #.

Increasing numbers of children are using the hashtag symbol as an expression of drama or comment.

It follows an intensive study of the new and most-used words included in 500-word stories submitted by more than 120,000 five-to-13 year olds in a national writing competition.

The analysis was undertaken by a team of lexicographers from OUP, backed by the Oxford Children's Corpus , the largest available children's corpus in English.

An OUP spokeswoman said: "Language is constantly changing and evolving and children are using language in new and unusual ways to write and communicate. The findings reflect the inventiveness of children today and their new and imaginative use of words every year along with their interests and preoccupations."

Vineeta Gupta, head of children's dictionaries at OUP, commented on the "significant change" in the use of the hashtag this year.

Gupta said: "Children are true innovators and are using the language of social media to produce some incredibly creative writing. Children have extended its [#] use from a simple prefix or as a search term for Twitter to an editorial device to add drama or comment."

A number of examples of the use of the hashtag in children's stories were quoted in the OUP report: "Then it happened. Engine #1 went dead, followed by engine #2 & #3. My Dad is the best, his coffee mug proves it (#1 Dad). The only thing I knew for sure was that I was going to get eaten! (#frightened)."

Other words which a saw significant rise in the past 12 months were Zoella - the name of a popular make-up blogger - selfie, blog , YouTube and youtuber.

Newer words such as PS4, MacBook and Instragram have overtaken words such as MP3, Playstation and even the word TV. Even once popular words such as email and mobile have been demoted by the younger population.

It all points to new technology increasingly being at the centre of children's lives. But young people also demonstrated in their stories an interest in current affairs and history, with many references to World War One, ebola, Ukraine and Syria.

Among the most popular characters quoted in stories were Cinderella , Snow White, footballers Lionel Messi and Wayne Rooney, as well as Adolf Hitler.

Researchers were interested in how many children included mythological characters in .
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