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BEIJING, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's speech on emphasizing sustainable development as a fundamental way to solve various global issues has struck a chord worldwide.

At a roundtable at United Nations headquarters in New York on Monday, Li fully elaborated China's plan for the implementation of the UN's 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Analysts recognized China's role in maintaining peace and stability worldwide and praised its efforts to help other developing countries realize sustainable growth.

Rana Mitter, director of Oxford University's China Center, says China is increasingly becoming an important player in UN peacekeeping.

"China has begun to play a much more significant role in terms of sending its own soldiers abroad in Asia, Africa and elsewhere to be part of a wider UN effort to bring peace to areas where there is civil war or other sorts of destruction, and this I think is a very important part of the socialisation of China into the international community," he said.

R.K. Chaudhury, an Indian expert on diplomacy, agreed with Mitter, saying that China has been key in maintaining world peace.

"When world peace and security are threated, China's peacekeeping mission will be on the scene, which reflects that China honors its commitment to maintaining world peace and the UN Charter," he said.

"China is also known to be a peace-loving country and perceived by many as a non-aggressor, and precisely that is the reason why its military might is aimed at keeping the world peaceful," the professor elaborated.

The ultimate goal of China's modernization is for its roughly 1.3 billion people to lead well-off lives, Li said, adding that China has already put the agenda into its national development plans. It aims to eradicate poverty by 2020, ten years ahead of the UN's schedule.

Oh Ei Sun, a senior fellow with S. Rajaratnam School at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, said it would be amazing if China were to achieve the goals ahead of schedule, something that would provide a boost to global development.

Saleem Khilji, director of the Sustainable Development Policy Institute based in Islamabad, said the premier's announcement on poverty alleviation ahead of schedule "showed China's determination, sincerity and passion to achieve its sustainable development goals."

"China has focused not only on its own population, but it has been helping other poor nations," the expert said.

At the sustainable development roundtable, Li said China, as a responsible developing country, has actively participated in global development and will continue to contribute to the South-South Cooperation.

The premier said the China-initiated assistance fund for South-South Cooperation and the China-UN Peace and Development Fund will formally start operations by the end of this year, adding that the China-proposed Academy of South-South Cooperation and Development has also enrolled its first batch of students.

In order to support a bigger UN role in the implementation of the Agenda, China has pledged additional 100 million U.S. dollars in annual aid to UN development agencies in 2020 on top of its amount in 2015, Li said.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said "China is an eminent player in global development, in particular, China is a leader in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda."

"China is also deepening South-South Cooperation to help other developing countries implement the 2030 Agenda, providing support and financing technology capacity building," he said.

Khilji spoke highly of China's contribution to South-South Cooperation, especially in Africa, which "is unique and exemplary in the world."

"The China-initiated assistance fund for South-South Cooperation and the China-UN Peace and Development Fund will further help in poverty alleviation and improve the security situation in the world," he said.

(Xinhua correspondents Ni Hongmei and Shi Xiaomeng in the United Nations, Bai Chun in New Delhi, Bao Xuelin in Singapore and Ji Wei in Islamabad also contributed to the story.)

Hot Holidays: You’ll Lava Hawaii Published: 22.10.2008 | Author: icampbell | Category: Destinations , Tour, Travel & Leisure

July 9th’s eruption of Mount Kilauea on Hawaii’s Big Island has done little to dissuade Hawaii’s many tourists. In fact , it has had the opposite effect and has actually become something of a major tourist draw, as the magma flows reach the ocean and the volcano continues to spout lava bursts reaching up to 150 feet. The volcano has actually been erupting for over twenty years , with a continuous flow of lava being spewed forth from Kilauea since January 1983.

But while the spectacular lava waves provide an exhilarating spectacle for many tourists watching from a safe distance, many are availing themselves of a better view and an unforgettable experience by taking a helicopter tour over Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park and getting up close and personal with one of Mother Nature’s most devastating natural phenomena.

Hawaii is essentially one giant volcano , and as you might expect, the volcanoes serve as a mainstay of Hawaiian tourism. Hawaii is the largest and youngest island in the Hawaii archipelago , and is formed from five different volcanoes, including the active Kilauea volcano. Of the remainder , three are dormant, while Mauna Loa , the world’s largest shield volcano, is in an active state and last erupted in 1984. Kilauea lies situated against the southeast side of the much larger Mauna Loa volcano , and reaches only 1,247 metres above sea level. In contrast , Mauna Loa’s rises 4,169 metres above sea level

Kilauea and Mauna Loa form the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park , which is the island’s most popular tourist a.
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