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Zach Randolph Kings Jersey
19.05.2018, 09:20 AM
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Zach Randolph Kings Jersey
North India is the home of various different kinds of tourism attractions. It incorporates something for each kind of tourists , weather tourist want to spend their time at cool and pleasant hill stations or want to explore the extended desert. Picturesque hill stations, huger deserts, religious importance places and historical monuments are the major attractions of North India. In all of these attractions, three most famous are following.

Hill Stations
Northern part of the country contains various exciting hill stations. These hill stations are the ideal destinations for the nature lovers. Majestic Himalayan Mountains at the top of the country offer various fine hill station destinations. The mountains touch at least seven India State. Most of the hill stations of Himalayan have cool climatic and picturesque natural beauty. Beautiful hill peaks, green surroundings and calm environment make these hill stations perfect for vacations. Most famous hill stations of northern part of the country are Shimla , Kullu and Manali, Nainital, Darjeeling, Gangtok, Gulmarg and Srinagar.

There are various amazing monuments sights are present in the North India. These monuments attract large number of tourist. Taj Mahal is the most famous monument sight of the country located in north Indian state Uttar Pradesh in city Agra. Large number of tourist come every to Agra to see the amazing Taj Mahal. After Taj Mahal , Red Fort is another famous monument sight of the country it is located at Delhi. Humayun tomb also a very famous heritage building located in Delhi. Rich cultural state Rajasthan also contains large number of amazing heritage sights like Jaipur City Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar-Mantar, Amber Fort and Golden Fort.

There are various national park and wildlife sanctuaries located in the northern part of the country. These reserves protect the rich and diverse wildlife. There are various tiger reserves in this part of the country offer good opportunity to see the royal tigers in their natural habitant. Ranthambore national park is one of the most famous wildlife reserves in northern India to spot the royal tigers. After Ranthambore, Bharatpur bird sanctuary is one of the finest bird reserves around the world. Bandhavgarh National Park , Jim Corbett national park and Kaziranga National Park are the other famous wildlife destinations of North India.

These are the most famous attractions of North India Tour Packages. This part of the country also offers various other kinds of attractions like adventures tourism, rich culture and traditions of the country, desert safaris, etc. In your North India travel you can enjoy any kind of tourism according to your interest, so plan a tour and make your holidays unforgettable.

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Yadav John is an expert in Adventure Travel and Tourism. Currently he services rendering his services on North India Travel. He has authored many books on India hill station tour guide. For more information about India Travel Tours please visit the our website

Carefully , silently he peers around the corner and when the air is clear he ducks and dashes from one safe place to the next. His habitual reaction is 'flight'. At the slightest unexpected movement or sound, he saves his hide - fast as a flash and silent as a mouse.... In the five years little Ben has been with us, there hasn't been a single incident that endangered his life or harmed him in any way. Yet he is always on the run and trusts only one person and sits only in one lap.

He was a rescue cat; a half starved, abused and sick little creature - saved from feline hell just in time to survive. Now, he's safe in a haven of gentle caring and still he scuttles , dashes and runs. It took me a while to understand that Ben doesn't run because he's afraid anymore, he runs because that's what he has always done. The fear he acquired has turned into a habit that defines everything he does.

Even when the house is quiet and no one else is around, this little black fur ball doesn't stride gracefully like any other cat, he moves like a flash and at best he trots. For the first 9 months of his life, that's what assured him survival and now , long after the causes have been forgotten, the behaviour continues - a habit acquired through fear.

Watching him makes me realise how the experiences from early childhood create habits that become deeply ingrained - how unconsciously they influence everything we do. It also gives me a profound sense of gratitude that unlike that driven little cat we humans have a choice of replacing acquired fear with learned happiness.

Whether our early childhood years were marked by happy memories, safe surroundings and confident comfort or whether we had to dash and dive, undoubtedly these experiences will influence our self-esteem as much as our perception of the world as a safe place. And until the moment we realise that we do have a choice on how we allow these early years to influence our lives, we are pretty much their prisoners.

But then , when we understand that it is within our power to let go of the fear and learn joyfulness instead, something incredible happens.

We stop running, scuttling and hiding and we let go of the need to blame. As the realisation of our own power increases, the force that once dragged us back into the past diminishes. That's when we begin to gracefully glide through life. But how do we 'learn' to be happy?

First, by making the simple decision to be joyful; and then by committing to follow this path 'no matter what'. The great times will be when we are distracted by happy experiences and forgetting about the past is easy to do. But the moments will come when it all floods back and wallowing in what 'was' will seem the on.
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